Undateable (1 sezonas) (2014) online


Metai: 2014
Žanras: Komedijos
Trukmė: 1h 36 min
Kalba: Anglų (Originalus)
Aktoriai: Briga Heelan,Chris D'Elia,Brent Morin ...
Whether it's due to a lack of style, the wrong job, or even just a bad haircut, everyone goes through a time in their lives when they're undateable. Most of us eventually grow out of it, but some people need a little more help than others. Enter Danny Burton. Confident, attractive and impervious to outside opinions, 29-year-old Danny who may be in a state of arrested development himself decides to help out his new roommate, Justin Kearney, the owner of an unsuccessful bar and a chronic overthinker, and Justin's group of oddball friends Shelly, Burski and Brett. Danny introduces the gang to
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